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Yuengling Traditional Lager

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Oct. 14th, 2012 | 12:17 am
posted by: xcheeseman in johnlikesbeer

Head: okay. Moderate size, somewhat poor retention.

Aroma: poor. Grass, malt, and urine. Yup, it has that cheap beer pee water smell. Eww.

Taste: okay. Really no hop presence, but sweet caramel-ish malts with an old sourness that can only be known as the result of lagering. Actually has some honest flavor. It gets worse with warmth but not as bad most cheap beers do.

Mouthfeel: okay. Medium big-bubbled carbonation with a medium-light body.

Really not bad for cheap beer, but it tastes like cheap beer. You can do so, so much better. But this brew has a huge following. From a BA Bro review: "This is the oldest brewery in America and adored by college students all across the Atlantic, from Florida to New York. We are talking cult status, where the Northeast would be a viable market, yet there is still no interest from the brewery. Go figure." I can say with experience that its reach has extended to Ohio. Fun fact: Massachusetts does not carry Yuengling brews. Reason is: Yuengling brewed throughout prohibition, and MA is too stuck up to forgive them. Fucking lol. A bit of research claims that they brewed near-bear at 0.5% ABV during prohibition. I'm willing to believe that they brewed a stronger beer during prohibition, but I have nothing to back up my assumption, besides Massachusetts's odd ban.
I guess I can understand its following if you assume that people think beer should smell like pee and are repulsed by brews that smell good. Yeah, I said it.
Oh, and it's pronounced, "Ying ling."

Cost: $7.0 for 6 12oz bottles, making it $0.1 per oz. Or at least that's what the internets said. Mike bought me my twelve-pack, despite my refusal.

BA public: 78/100 C+, My score: 71/100 C-

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