XCheeseMan (xcheeseman) wrote in johnlikesbeer,

Three Floyd's Zombie Dust

Head: very good. somewhat small, good retention, excellent lacing.

Aroma: excellent. Lovely aromatic pineapple and grapefruit with bubblegum and pine notes. Really a treat to the nose!

Taste: very good. Big juicy grapefruit with malt sweetness. Big hops, pretty big malt too. Not all that bitter, making it welcome and drinkable. This is another showcase of the FFF approach to balance: make everything big!

Mouthfeel: very good. Pretty heavy carbonation, medium bodied. I think I would've liked a tad less carbonation. EDIT: I noticed later that if you pour hard and let it go flat, the mouthfeel becomes syrupy and a bit chewy. Yum!

This brew was pretty hyped, and it didn't disappoint. I hear it was either narrowly distributed or so popular so fast that you can only find it at one bar in Chicago and the Three Floyd's brewpub. I got mine at the brewpub. And I just discovered even more hype! Read on!

BA public currently rates it at 100/100 with 651 reviews! Wtf!? It's even #14 on the list of on their extremely competitive list of best beers in the world, which currently puts it one spot below my favorite beer! WTF!? I mean, sure it's the best Pale Ale I've ever had, but I don't really care for Pale Ales!

Cost: $35 for case of 24 12oz bottles, making it $0.12 per oz. Surprisingly cheap... if you disregard the drive to Munster, Indiana.

BA public: 100/100 A+, My score: 96/100 A
Tags: brewer: three floyds, cost: 10-14, score: a, type: american pale ale

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