XCheeseMan (xcheeseman) wrote in johnlikesbeer,

Troegs's Troegenator Doublebock Beer

Head: okay. Small, recedes somewhat quickly. I'm not pouring this in a normal pint glass as I'm on vacation, and it is pretty high alcohol, but still, it ain't much.

Aroma: good. Woodsy musk and some cherries, but not very strong.

Taste: very good. Alcohol with some good strong malt and a pretty well balanced hop presence. Imagine a big balanced but somewhat malt-dominant beer, then add cherry-like alcohol. That's Troegenator.

Mouthfeel: excellent. Medium carbonation with a creamy full body. Yum!

"Doublebock" means doppelbock. The original name is pretty much a cognate, so I'm calling it that, despite the label.
Overall, this is pretty damn good, but not great. But it does get you drunk. Yep.

Cost: $12.0 for 6 12oz bottles, making it $0.17 per oz.

BA public: 87/100 B+, My score: 87/100, B+
Tags: brewer: troegs, cost: 15-19, score: b plus, type: dopplebock
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